5 Common Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial roofing serves the primary function of protecting business property from external and internal conditions. Roofing materials come in a wide range due to the varying structural and functional requirements of the building in concern. They are typically made of single-ply, concrete, modified bitumen, built-up roofing system, tar and gravel, and more. The materials are durable to withstand the requirements of a vicinity bound for business. However, there is a chance that your roof might run into minor or major problems.

Familiarizing yourself with these roof repairs can help you stay aware of these common issues that often go missed. It can also encourage you to conduct regular roof maintenance checks to ensure that minor problems are remedied before they turn into major and more costly incidents. Read more to find the most common types of commercial roof repairs!

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    Water Leaks

    When we say that the roofing system protects the property, leaks are one of the roof’s worst enemies. The slightest of leaks can add significantly to the vulnerability of any structure causing mold and water damage seeping throughout. Hence, it is important to treat any leaks at their earliest with caution until they become a major inconvenience for any business owner.

    Questions About 5 Common Commercial Roof Repairs

    Standing Water

    Standing water is often known as ponding water which does not get a way to flow through. This is most commonly found in flat roofing systems where there is no sufficient slope for the water to flow and drain properly. If not addressed in due time, ponding water can cause roof deck deflection due to the weight of the water. Additionally, it can provide a favorable environment for algae and mold growth. In order to prevent any of the subsequent issues, a professional roof installation team can make sure water has a way to flow through the drainage system properly.

    Roof Shingle Repair

    If exposed to extreme weather, the adhesive used to bind the roofing system together is likely to wear off causing the shingles to fall. This is also a commonly diagnosed roofing problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. A professional roofing repair team can assess the damage and install new shingles correctly for the foreseeable future.

    Flashing Repairs

    Flashing provides optimal function for any commercial roofing system. It is a thin metal structure that prevents the water from getting into direct contact with any openings like chimneys, joints or windows preventing water damage. Flashing also demands regular check and maintenance as it can break due to thermal shock, shrinkage or improper installation. If left untreated, issues with flashing can cause water damage and instability that requires a more extensive repair solution.


    Due to the varying temperatures both inside and outside, condensation remains to be a crucial roof repair. It can lead to a weakened, molded and rotten roof that has started to lose its integrity due to moisture. Which is why any issues with condensation need immediate professional attention otherwise calling for a high-cost solution.


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