Does Home Homeowner Insurance Cover Roof Repairs In Houston TX?

Homeowners insurance protects your house from potential risks and damages that may happen in the future. But do you know if your insurance covers for residential roof repairs in Houston TX. keep reading this blog as we shed light onto the most commonly asked question about roofing issues and whether your insurance covers for it or not.

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    The Answer Is…

    It is not a yes or no question, rather it depends on the damage and insurance policy. Typically, the insurance coverage will depend on the relative circumstances which made it occur: is it normal wear and tear or an event covered by policy? Some of the common events that insurance policies cover for roof repair or replacement are:

    • Hailstorm
    • Windstorm
    • Lightning strikes
    • Fallen tree
    • Burglaries
    • Vandalism

    While these are just a few, common instances, you must always go through your policy before making an insurance related claim. This helps you make an informed stance about your liability in case of a roof mishap – allowing you to know whether the amount is fully covered or are there any deductibles when filing a claim.

    For example, the deductible is $1000 and the total cost of the roof repair is $3000, you will be paying 1000 bucks on your end and the insurance will cover the rest. In other cases, the insurance would cover the whole sum. Knowing the right policies can keep you updated on price threshold and other information that could be of help.

    Questions About Does Home Homeowner Insurance Cover Roof Repairs In Houston TX?

    Factors That Might Affect Insurance Coverage

    Here is a list of few factors that determine whether a roof repair will be covered by homeowners’ insurance or not. Let’s Read Further!

    Type of Damage

    The main feature of your insurance being accepted is the type of damage. Damages caused by disasters or any unexpected events are more likely to be covered as opposed to regular wear and tear caused by poor maintenance and neglect.

    Age of The Roof

    Depending on your insurance policy, some insurers only take roofs under 15 years under their eligibility criteria or otherwise. This number may increase or decrease depending on your specific homeowner policy.

    Pre-Existing Conditions

    It is always a smart move to document the pre-existing conditions of your roof so that you can stand a fine ground while making an insurance claim. Cracks, shingles and other faults prior can prevent the insurer from covering the cost completely or even at all with a residential roofing repair.


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