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Are you thinking of revamping the outside of your commercial property? At Texana Roofing & Waterproofing, we have professional exterior renovation contractors in Houston, TX. You can contact us for waterproofing, roofing, concrete sealing, and much more! Our exceptional services are unparalleled; once we are done, your property will have an upgraded curb appeal. When you work with our experts, satisfaction is guaranteed!

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    Transform Your Property with Our Full-Service Exterior Renovation

    Our dedicated team of professionals at Texana Roofing & Waterproofing is here to tailor solutions for your project’s unique requirements. We will use high-quality materials and the latest methods to enhance the outside area of your property.

    We take pride in delivering customized solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our exterior renovators will treat your property as our own. You can expect a top-quality solution at a reasonable price and within your specified timeline. You deserve the best, and we make it our mission to deliver precisely that.

    Questions About Exterior Renovation Contractors

    Wide Range of Exterior Services We Provide

    We have a highly skilled team that will transform your space from eyesore to eye-catching before you know it. Our experts know how important it is to keep up the appearance of commercial properties. Therefore, they take it upon themselves to offer a variety of services designed to improve your property’s exterior. Here are some renovations we can help you with:

    1. Waterproofing
    We specialize in exterior waterproofing, thanks to our years of experience and expertise. Our waterproofing contractors will assess your property in order to choose the most viable solution. It is our aim to incorporate the best methods to pinpoint the exact location of any leak and make the necessary repairs. You can contact us for exterior waterproofing in Houston, TX, and we will work to deliver promising results. We offer different types of waterproofing solutions, be it on the roof, your balcony, or the common area.
    2. Roofing
    Whether you need repairs or installation, our roofing contractors will not let you down. When problems like a fallen tree, harsh weather, etc., cause damage to the roof, you may need a new one to replace it. We offer exceptional roofing services in Houston, TX, and you can contact us for repairs as well as installation. If you are renovating your property, we can help repair the damaged areas. As for any upgrades, our installation services have got you covered!
    3. Coating
    We can help you protect your commercial and residential property with our coating services in Houston, TX, and Colorado. Adding a coating to your roof will provide an additional layer of protection and keep it intact for years.

    Once your property is well-protected against outside factors, it will have a longer lifespan thanks to its durability. In addition, protective coatings are also beneficial in improving energy efficiency. Our dedicated team offers coating services to keep your roof in excellent condition all year long!

    4. Cladding
    With our cladding procedure, your building will have an added layer of heat insulation. If you are adding external cladding to your property, it will increase the durability of the structure. We can safely install the insulating sheet on the exterior of your property. Since cladding is low-maintenance, it will keep looking great with just a quick wash every now and then. Our cladding services are sure to enhance the curb appeal of any structure!
    5. Concrete Seal
    Concrete seal services protect concrete surfaces from corrosion, surface damage, staining, and more. We can help maintain the appearance and durability of the concrete surfaces on your property. Our professionals will apply the concrete seal to form a hydrophobic water barrier on the concrete. When water and any other liquid come in contact with the concrete surface, it will turn into droplets and dry or run off the concrete. This way, your property will be protected from mold growth. It enhances the curb appeal of your property as well!
    6. Wet Seal
    Silicone is an element that possesses great elasticity and does not degrade quickly. Wet seal usually makes use of silicone sealant to close small openings in the adjacent joints between similar or different types of materials. We will assess your windows, walls, or any area that requires a wet seal to determine which solution is most suitable for you to proceed with.
    7. Vertical Joint
    Our vertical joint services will ensure that the structure is stable. We use vertical joints to connect two or more components together. And in case the material is one that expands and contracts with changes in temperature, such as concrete, our services accommodate that, too!
    8. ADA Ramps
    We provide ADA Ramp seal services in Texas and Colorado and help our clients provide accessibility solutions for any structure. Our team will use durable materials to seal ADA ramps to make them functional, regardless of the weather.
    9. Parking Garages Seal
    Your parking garage can be vulnerable to water damage; we can help you to protect it with our parking garage seal services. Our expert professionals can coat your garage with our waterproofing services; this preventive measure will limit the possible damage before it even takes place.
    10. Exterior Painting
    You can count on us for an ideal exterior painting for your property. We use good-quality paints to increase the curb appeal as well as the property value of any structure. A coat of exterior paint will increase the lifespan of the surface and protect the property from moisture damage, natural elements, and more.

    Signs Showing Its Time to Renovate Your Space

    You can call our professional team as soon as you notice the indications that your property needs exterior renovation. Is the paint starting to chip or flake? Does the landscaping seem out of place? Or, perhaps you are planning to sell the property? Texana Roofing & Waterproofing is here to provide you with top-notch exterior renovation services.

    Your property can look dull with time due to stains, marks, minor damages, and more. Our innovative approach will enhance the function and appearance of the structure within the deadline. When we take on a job, we do not go in blindly. First, we will examine the property in detail and offer solutions to fix the most pressing needs. After discussing your goals, our exterior renovators will turn your property into one you can take pride in.


    What Our Clients Say!

    Will from Texana was fantastic to work with! He was knowledgeable and efficient. His roofers were quick clean and did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend them!

    Suzanne Baldwin

    Why Pick Texana Roofing & Waterproofing for Exterior Renovation?

    Texana Roofing & Waterproofing prioritizes your preferences and goals. Our experienced exterior renovators have the skills to turn your commercial property into a captivating structure from the outside. Our highly skilled contractors can bring your vision to life by creating breathtaking exteriors. When you contact us, we will discuss your goals and determine the most suitable option for your property. We always keep serving you at the top of the list so you can openly communicate with us regarding your vision and requirements.

    We incorporate state-of-the-art methods and add a touch of excellence, professionalism, sophistication, and modernism. Our goal is to work diligently in order to give our clients their desired results. We do not compromise on quality! By using advanced technology and high-quality materials, we deliver durable results. We never consider a job to be complete until our customers are satisfied!

    After you consult us, we will create a plan according to your vision, goals, and preferences and determine what is most suitable for your property. Our exterior renovators are passionate about bringing your desired results to life. We have the required certifications to perform promising services in Texas and Colorado!

    Trusted Exterior Renovators

    Texana Roofing & Waterproofing is a well-established company with a highly-trained team. You can contact us for exterior renovation services for your commercial property and see the benefits yourself. Call us now for an efficient, durable, and high-quality renovation!