Problems Caused by Leaking Commercial Roofs

Leaks can pose a serious threat to your commercial facility requiring immediate professional assistance for repairing or replacing the faulty site. They are often considered as smaller problems but can lead to extensive damage within no time to spare. Hence, it is important to never ignore a sign of leak regardless of whichever commercial facility you operate whether a retail shop or office space. Optimal health of your roof is central to the satisfaction of people who use the space on a regular basis.

This blog talks about the common issues caused by commercial roof leaks and how they can become a source of inconvenience for office operators, employees posing serious structural and functional malfunctions.

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    Mold Growth

    Water is the greatest threat to any roofing system and a leak can lead to water standing by on the surface of your roofs causing favorable environment conditions for mold growth. It can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

    Wood Rot

    Water travels from where it gets space. Signs of a minute leak can also turn into bigger problems. Second major problem that accompanies a water leak is wood rot. When water seeps onto wood surfaces, it causes it to become vulnerable and collapse.

    Damaged Insulation

    A roof leak can also put your insulation at risk. Leaks can also allow rain water to come in and settle into insulation pockets. Once they are flattened, they no longer perform which will further need you to replace your insulation system.

    Questions About Problems Caused by Leaking Commercial Roofs

    Fire Hazards

    Roofs generally have systems of electricity, water and gas integrated through relative pipelines. A leak can put you at risk of any electrical shock. Leaks through the roofing system can seep into the electrical components within the building leading to an ignition and fire.

    Slippery Risks

    It is quite straightforward that the leaking water must also make its way to the floor if not seeping into surfaces. It can create puddles on the floor which can also lead to unintended slips, falls and injuries causing health risks for people who reside or work in that facility.

    Energy Inefficiency

    Roof leaks can add up to overall energy inefficiency. Your insulation system might give up on you which will cause unequal air flow causing your systems to work harder than usual. This will result in utility bills to soar high up over time.

    Overall Integrity Loss

    Even the strongest materials used for commercial roofing are susceptible to water damages. Not only can it create the listed problems, but can lead to a compromised building structure.


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    Final Takeaway

    Roof leaks can cause serious problems if left unchecked and unsupervised causing you to pay a hefty sum for extensive damage overtime.
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