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Water puts your property at risk of mold growth and weakened structure, among other damages. Our waterproofing service in Houston, TX, helps prevent your property from the potential risks of water intrusion. We will inspect your property and suggest the most suitable waterproofing solutions. With years of experience, our team at Texana Roofing & Waterproofing has the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

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    Explore Our Waterproofing Services in Houston, TX

    We know how to keep moisture out of your structure and the damage it brings. We will inspect your property in detail in order to locate the problem and ensure no spot goes unnoticed. Our wide range of services encompasses multiple waterproofing solutions that make a significant difference. Waterproofing your property ensures a strong structure and a healthy environment. Some services we offer include the following:

    1. Concrete Seal
    While concrete has a good lifespan, it can deteriorate. If you do not want your concrete structure to crack, crumble, or lose color, we can help. Our professionals offer concrete seal services, which protect it against outside elements and extend its lifespan. You can collaborate with us to ensure your structure does not lose its integrity.
    2. Wet Seal
    To seal your building against water damage, you can opt for wet seals, which limit water infiltration. Problems with the internal gutters and weep system can result in water infiltration, which can be prevented with the help of wet seals. We will seal all the possible sources that allow the water to seep through the walls, roofs, floors, windows, etc.
    3. Vertical Joint Seal
    Vertical joints are generally used in the construction of a building to give it stability, joining two or more components. However, leaks can originate at the vertical joint, which leads to water damage. We will seal the vertical joint to make sure the structure remains strong.
    4. ADA Ramps Seal
    We offer ADA ramp seal services, and you can make sure the accessible solution is durable and does not fall victim to water damage with our help. We will incorporate high-quality materials to waterproof the ADA ramp. Our professional team is acquainted with building codes to work with ADA ramps and meet those standards. Contact us to protect the ramp against water damage and more.
    5. Parking Garage Seal
    It is possible for a parking garage to encounter water damage. We offer parking garage seal services to provide a comfortable and safe environment. Get in touch with us to seal your parking garage properly!
    6. Handrails to Paint
    Do you want your handrails to last? You can talk to our experts for sealing services in order to keep the handrail protected for years to come. You will not have to worry about the railing material crumbling, deteriorating, etc.
    7. Exterior Building Paint
    When you have painted the exterior part of a building, call us to seal the paint! We will use suitable sealants that prevent the water from seeping through. Get in touch with us to preserve the aesthetics, integrity, and value of your building with our waterproofing services!
    8. Striping
    We can waterproof your property with the help of sealing strips. Our professional expertise has taught us the proper techniques to stripe a structure and prevent it from water damage.
    9. Pools
    Your pools contain water, but even they need waterproofing. That’s right — you should invest in waterproofing your pool when it is in the construction stages to protect the surrounding surfaces. Call us to waterproof your pool!

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    How We Make a Difference

    The business landscape keeps evolving, with businesses entering and exiting the market. Here’s how we contribute:

    • Our team includes seasoned professionals in the industry who adopt sure-fire techniques to get the job done efficiently.
    • Quality is our priority when it comes to materials, as they serve as a groundwork for our services. Poor-quality materials can result in poorly executed jobs.
    • One size fits all is a myth. Every problem is unique and requires unique solutions.
    • High costs are one reason why many spaces that require repairs and restorations are left untreated. We offer a competitive pricing structure that is heavy on service quality.
    • Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

    We Are Here to Waterproof Your Property

    Our waterproofing services are exceptional. We use premium materials to seal the property and prevent water damage. With our expertise, you are in safe hands. We will incorporate efficient methods to seal your property against water damage. The results last for years to come.

    Our professionalism and customer service will allow you to have a comfortable experience. We will inspect your property and offer reliable solutions.

    Call us to protect your property and enjoy the benefits of professional waterproofing!


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    Will from Texana was fantastic to work with! He was knowledgeable and efficient. His roofers were quick clean and did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend them!

    Suzanne Baldwin

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