What Is Best For A Commercial Flat Roof?

Not frequently talked about, roofing systems extend one of the greatest benefits to any architectural design and its overall structural and functional integrity. Commercial roofing in Houston in TX is a relatively popular concept and provides numerous options and types regarding its quality, installation and durability. In this blog, we will build upon the four types of commercial roofing so our readers can find the best option for themselves!

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    TPO/PVC (Single-Ply Membranes)

    TPO and PVC are the most common types of thermoplastic or single ply membranes. These are made up of vinyl like material that are produced in bulk rolls. These are often in white color, reflective and chemically resistant. However, this option may not be durable and withstand extreme weather. If you are also looking to replace roofing systems, make sure you connect with the best commercial roofing in Houston TX for reliable and trusted roofing options.

    Questions About What Is Best For A Commercial Flat Roof?

    BUR Flat Roofing

    Built-up Roof Systems is another flat roof option for commercial facilities. This involves a mechanical integration of multiple layers of bitumen (asphalt) and layers called roofing felts. The layers are then reinforced with either glass or any other protective layer to form an added durable membrane.
    This form of roofing can last for multiple decades and provide for a more durable and efficient roofing top. If the outer layer is damaged, other layers work for the similar cause making it more resistant to shocks and other kinds of damages. However, petroleum-based products have the tendency to become dry and rough with time, resulting in cracks and damages.


    Coatings or liquid applied roof membranes are easy to administer and are highly elastic. While these may need constant maintenance, they are easily applied on unequal, asymmetric surfaces. One of the cons of this roofing system is that it can leave a more slippery surface in comparison to other types of roofing systems.

    Metal Roofing

    One of the most durable and widely known and installed are metal roofs. Not only do they last you very long but are highly resistant to external conditions. They are priced on the higher side depending on the quality and width of the sheet.

    Which Is the Best?

    Provided the various opportunities and varieties of commercial roofing in Houston TX, this question remains to be completely subjective to needs and requirements to any architect or contractor. It is important to weigh the pros and cons on any material, staying completely independent of any universal answer. You must choose which adds value to the property, withstands local climate and is durable and resistant.


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